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What I want to say is that every body may have his own points on certain subjects and things. So sometimes it is really not easy to say who is right or wrong, worse or better. However, what we should always do is that we must consider that everyone's opinion must have his own negative and positive points so that we can learn from each other in any case. Anyway , you do have got a good point and thank you for sharing.


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man im sorry but you seem being plnaiyg abc poker and plnaiyg more the cards than the oponents. always betting or doing a little standart tricky checks when you hit a hand. but when you missed no much creativity but you got very lucky , straight flush, nut flush etc,,, thats easy but not very ilustrative on how you should play a cheap sit and go.. i missed some 3-beting light , or just 3 bets with hands just some plays than you should do when you dont heat every flop..

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He did this a very informative post, I dont typically usually read articles which could be as thought provoking as "The Career Capitalist: You're Hardcore But I Love You Anyway... (Talking Points when asking employers about Compensation)" but in the conclusion I am pleased I did.

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