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DarkOpera- It's quite a story, actually we slept about 2 hours beuacse we were working until late and then we were told to be at the studio at 8:10am beuacse our interview was to be live at 8:40am. Well as I was putting on make up around 7:50am getting ready to leave, the studio called to ask us where we were. Apparently, their production crew and their planning crew didn't inform us that they had pushed UP the interview time and we were pushed up to be live on TV at 8am!!! They told us to get there ASAP, but there was a snowstorm and it was hard to drive and find parking. We literally arrived, walked into the studio and got interviewed badda bing, badda boom. It was nuts.Bladehoonslayer- I constantly wish we screw up I love continuity trivia, but Rudy is a perfectionist and wants everything to be seamless dammit!Michael- Thanks! I don't know if she'd be back when we filmed her segment we also had a second film crew recording her. She mostly did it for This Morning Live, so I'm not sure she'd want to do free Galacticast acting again. Who knows


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