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The PAM talk sounds very usfuel, but to justify travel from upstate NY, not so much. This would be a great chance to make a recording of the talk and share with the rest of the world.Stuff like this is why I follow the blogs


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I was so excited to see your name as the winenr for this giveaway. How neat! I'm assuming your MIL doesn't read your blog or you'd be giving away the surprise. I can't wait to see how the picture turns out. Congrats!!!


I just wanted to say that I'm glad you got him back! I revcieed a very similar email (or shall I say series of emails) for wedding planning services almost two years ago. When the check came via FedEx, I took it to the bank to see if it was real because it didn't look right at all. The bank teller confirmed that it was a bogus check and told me that I should've been proud of myself for not depositing the fraudulent check into my account, which could've been frozen as a result.I'm really glad that you were able to have some fun with it and hopefully he has learned a lesson as well!


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